Tuesday, December 30, 2014

During Christmas Break

During the break we had some sick kids but we still managed to have a good time.
It snowed! Wendy came from California and we actually saw her several times!
Here the kids are playing in our backyard.

She even took Ruby and Squish ice skating one night while I was working!

We saw Katie and her kids for the tiniest amount of time possible, like 30 minutes-not long enough!!

Lots and lots of Basketball. And sometimes in a horse head mask.
Sonic has been wanting one for forever and finally got it. I know. Why? But it is actually pretty funny.

Gracie turned 8! Here she is with her sidekick.

Nina with her buddy Kiki-especially when Kiki let's her watch Frozen videos!

Nina finally expressed interest in what Santa brought her-a slide!!

We went to Build a Bear to redeem gift cards from Christmas. That was a fun outing!

Look at Nina's colorful Panda!

We had a fun New Years Eve celebration with family. We ate at the Training Table and then went back to cousin's to hang out and wait for midnight.

And Wendy did my hair that day. She cut about 5 inches and have me "peekaboo" color streaks.

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